Script Creation Guide


TinyTap game pages are in one of three formats:

Our games are aimed to teach and entertain so keep the script fun!

Format 1 – Question

These pages must include a question, mistake and answer. Users will be able to tap on the correct answer.

e.g 1: Q: Where is the red balloon? M: That’s not the red balloon! We are looking for something round! A: Correct! You found the red balloon!  

eg 2: Q: Tap on the dog to continue M: We are looking for the dog. A: Yey well done woof woof!

Format 2: Soundboard

In this format, users can tap around a page to hear sounds. Specify the words or sound effects that you want to use and what image will play that sound.

Format 3: Reading

This format simply reads like a book, and automatically passes to the next page when the reading is done.    

The most interesting games have a mixture of the three formats! We can’t wait to read what you’ve got!

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