Meet the TinyTap Team

Yogev Shelly


“Even with VCRs, PCs, the internet, and mobile phones, how we teach children hasn’t changed much. That’s why leading TinyTap is a life’s mission worth waking up to.”

Uri Lazar


“I have always loved learning and playing with new technologies. I love that these technologies are directed to a great cause: education through gameplay.”

Nissim Pinto


“I love the fact that I am able to make a real difference in the lives of teachers and children.”

Naomi Ashkenazi


“The best part of my day is looking at a business challenge and brainstorming for a solution with my awesome team”

Ariel Lindauer

Head of Growth

“I love the feeling of satisfaction which I get while increasing our customers.”

Rotem Vaizberg

Head of HR & Operations

“I love being involved in every function of the company, and of course, doing my best to support the company’s biggest asset – the people, who are EXTRA amazing at TinyTap.”

Tali Gansel

Head of Content

“I love being part of a passionate team that creates a playful learning experience that kids enjoy being in. It’s great to work with creators that have so much to share and contribute to kids.”

Assaf Luz

Head of Quality Assurance

“I really like the extensive responsibility of connecting the dots, the “feels” of the whole, and the holistic picture overall.”

Katy Reed

Head Of Design

“I love being able to use my creativity and ambition to design the path for children to navigate through the TinyTap app and learn independently.”

Dor Kelman

Backend Developer

“As an artist at heart, My first medium was writing code. As the son of a teacher(the most noble profession), I feel blessed to contribute towards the cause of global education.”

Zach Cohen

Product Data Analyst

“Educating our young generation can be very challenging, and as a parent, I’m glad I have the possibility to assist other parents to impact their children’s knowledge and skills.”

Or Magnezi

Data Engineer

“It is a perfect combination; A product with meaning and professional challenges. I’m proud to be part of an educational application.”

Alex Sindalovsky

Senior Frontend Developer

“I love working with the latest tech, tinker and tackle unusual problems, and mainly, develop the education platforms of the future.”

Hanan Dann

Android Developer

“As a father to young children, and a developer – TinyTap is a wonderful place to engage both my passions in such a positive way. Building the tools for great education.”

Ido Wolf

Product Manager

“As we develop new features and capabilities in the app it’s always fascinating to see how children respond to the experience, and how their perception is so different from ours as adults.”

Ayelet Anikst

Creative Manager

“I love to crack creative challenges. Along with Keeping up with new trends while still being able to satisfy the needs of our audience.”

Yoel Lev

Senior iOS Developer

“I love waking up to new challenges every day, I get to do what I love (programming) while knowing that the end goal is to make education great.”

Denis Kushnir

Product Designer

“I’m happy to be part of making credentials digital and placing them under the learner’s control.”

Brooke Davis

Head of Customer Success

“Students owning educational achievements throughout their life. This is the ultimate benefit.”

Lior Leepaz

Content Designer

“I love that I get to inspire so many talented teachers from around the world, by creating fun educational games with TinyTap, taking their first steps into the new world of education.”

Etty Avny

Customer Success Leader

“As a mother, I love the fact that I have the opportunity to use my skill-sets and put them into use for the future of education worldwide. Learning myself something new every day.” 

Noga Fuerst

Product Designer

“I love seeing my creative vision come to life on the TinyTap Platform.”

Kirill Sindalovsky

QA Tester

” I love testing, simply because there are so many areas to explore and learn while trying to make our product the best.” 

Mickael Belhassen

iOS Developer

” I love bringing features and benefits that were never possible to achieve before education software.” 

Aviv Ben Zeev

Front End Developer

“I love being in charge of the fine details that end up creating the best user experience “

Elie Wiesel

Web 3 Marketing Manager

“I love being at the forefront of emerging technologies and creating fair value opportunities for educators worldwide.” 

Madlen Kanety

Office & Welfare Manager

“The thing I love the most is finding creative ways to make the work environment in TinyTap fun.”