The TinyTap Team



Yogev (1)Yogev Shelly, Chief Executive Officer

Yogev is a passionate designer and developer with vast experience in application design. He received his B.Des. from Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design. He founded, an Interactive Studio working with startups such as JVP, PLYMedia, and Eye-Click. He later joined as the 4th member and worked as a Client Developer and UX Director.







OriUri Lazar, Chief Technology Officer

He has more than 12 years of experience in web client and server technologies, working for a number of startup companies such as HooQs, Logia Mobile, and YouNow. Uri received his B.Sc. from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.









NaomiNaomi Ashkenazi, Marketing Manager

Naomi is enthusiastic about marketing. She leads the TinyTap Marketing and Community Management Teams. She received her MBA from Tel Aviv University and has over 8 years of experience with branding, strategy, and advertising. Naomi has worked with local and global brands such as Yoplait, Google, Carlsberg, Unilever, and Orange Telecommuncations.








Ariel Lindauer, Head of Growth

Ariel leads TinyTap’s growth efforts. He holds a B.Sc in Molecular Biology from the Hebrew University. As he was on his journey to become an MD, he realized his passion lay in helping companies scaling up. He has over 10 years experience with scaling up companies using various ad network platforms.









Katy Reed, Art Director

Katy is in charge of all of TinyTap’s brand related designs, as well as UX and UI. She is an integral part of both the marketing creative and product teams. Katy holds a Bachelor’s degree in Visual Communications from Shenkar College of Design. She previously worked at a branding studio, as a campaign manager. Katy has also lent her talents by volunteering as an art director, at the Rothschild Ambassadors Organization of Casesarea Foundation.







Brooke Davis, Community Manager

Brooke manages TinyTap’s Parent community and assists our Marketing Team with marketing initiatives to ensure maximal customer satisfaction. Brooke received a BA in Psychology from The Pennsylvania State University. She is a member of the Israel Women’s National Rugby Team and enjoys practicing calligraphy in her spare time.









Ido Wolf, Android Developer

Ido is an Android developer at TinyTap. He is currently completing a B.Sc in Computer Science from the IDC in Herzliya. During his National Service, Ido was a tech instructor for groups of children and elderly. That experience inspired him to work on developing simple, enjoyable tech for inexperienced audiences to create their own games, software, and content.








Yoel Lev, iOS Developer

Yoel Lev is an iOS developer at TinyTap. He has been active in the programming world since 2013. Prior to joining TinyTap, he worked as an Advisor at OOBIT Tech as well as a freelancer. He holds a Practical Engineering degree with a major in Computer Science from the Technological and Engineering Education Center Tel Aviv.









Lior Leepaz, Content Designer

Lior is in charge of TinyTap’s in-house content design and production. She creates fun educational games that inspire TinyTap’s creators worldwide. Lior is a talented graphic designer and illustrator, and holds a bachelor’s of arts in Visual Communication from Goren School of Art. She also graduated from Yezreel Valley College in the department of Social Science.







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