TinyTap Trusted Teachers


Trusted TeacherTinyTap has identified you as a Trusted Teacher – congratulations! We are blown away by your TinyTap lessons – you’re building quite the collection of quality activities!


From now on, whenever people view your profile on TinyTap, they’ll see a green tick mark indicating that you’re someone from whom they can learn. Every TinyTap lesson you save publicly will automatically appear in the Trusted Teacher section of the TinyTap market.


Here are a few important things to keep in mind:

  • Be sure that each new lesson is polished and ready for the spotlight:
    • Give your lesson a meaningful name
    • Add a description
    • Set the correct language, category, and suggested age
  • Fill out your TinyTap profile. Players love learning about the creators behind their favorite lessons. Tell a bit about yourself and even link to your website or school, if relevant!
  • Share your creations with your own community. Tell your colleagues about your shiny new status; post your latest lessons on your social networks; embed your “TinyTap Trusted Teacher” badge on your blog or website.
  • If you’re working on a draft of a lesson or don’t want to attract the attention of the entire TinyTap community, you can always save your game privately.
  • For your students’ creations or any other use, please create a learning group, complete with student accounts (and data management tools) in the new TinyTap Insights.


It’s an elite club and you’re in good company; be sure to check out lessons by other certified educators!


If you’re using your lessons in educational settings, but you haven’t yet peeked at your students’ progress, try out Insights, TinyTap’s data management companion!


Now keep on creating – the TinyTap community has so much to learn from teachers like you!



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