5 Tips for Promoting Your TinyTap Games


You’ve done the hard part: you’ve turned your lesson into an interactive TinyTap game. You put time and thought into how to best present the material and now it’s time to tell the world! Here are 5 easy ways to promote your content and get it the attention it deserves!

1. Create a Compelling Cover For Your Activity

Game covers are the first thing people look at in the TinyTap marketplace. Make sure the cover is clear and appealing. Use high quality graphics and well-designed pages to grab the viewer’s’ attention.


Create a compelling cover


Need some inspiration? Use our ‘Covers’ and ‘Layouts’ creation packs to get some design ideas, or look at this list of great covers created by some of our top creators.




2. Use Informative Titles and Descriptions


Make sure your game’s title and description reflect the game’s content and educational value. Use relevant keywords that your target audience will be looking for. You can also use the # in front of keywords, to make sure your game appears in searches for those words (for example: #Grammar).


Remember: The title you give your game will be the one that appears in Google searches as well.

Descriptive Titles



3. Share Your Game with Your Followers


Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or your blog – spread the word about your new game with your friends, students and followers. It’s an effective way to promote it and get instant feedback.


Link to your game


Whenever possible, don’t just link to your game, embed your them! That way your readers can play without leaving the page.

Embed your game



Share your game on other marketplaces – it’s a sure-fire way to reach a relevant audience and extend your personal brand.



Promote your game in other marketplaces


Remember to add your “TinyTap Trusted Teacher” badge to your blog or website, so people will know you’re a certified TinyTap educator!


4. Pitch to relevant bloggers and sites


Pitch your games to relevant websites and blogs to get even more exposure! The more websites link to your game, the more traffic it will get.


5. Connect to TinyTap on Social Media


Our social media channels are constantly updated with tips, video tutorials and new features – all guaranteed to help you step up your game. Make sure you follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Vine, Instagram and Google Plus.