6 Tips for promoting your games on Pinterest!



Why Use Pinterest?

Pinterest has about 250 million monthly users. It is a fantastic resource for discovering content and new ideas. 40% of parents in the US use Pinterest, making it the perfect place to spread the word about your educational games.


In this blog post, we will share 6 tips on how to make your content stand out in people’s feeds, and how to make it show up when parents search for new activities for their children.



  1. Get down to business – it’s important to fill out your Pinterest Profile. You can add a profile photo, your location, and more.
  2. Be consistent: Add new Pins over time, instead of uploading a lot at once. This helps you reach a wider audience. Every time you upload a new game on TinyTap, we recommend you add a Pin about this game.
  3. Choose an eye-catching image: Pinterest recommends using a 2:3 aspect ratio image (ex: 1000*150 pixels) and it’s also important to use high-quality images.

  1. Write a full description for your Pins: Descriptions can be up to 500 characters, and we recommend writing as much helpful info as you can. The first 50-60 characters are most likely to show up in feeds, so put the important info there.
  2. Use hashtags to improve search results: Adding a keyword in the description and turning it into a hashtag will help Pinterest understand the relevance of your content.
  3. Connect your social networks: Connect your Facebook and Twitter accounts to your Pinterest account so that all of your friends from every network can follow you on Pinterest.


In the end, it’s simple. If you want to boost your account’s visibility in search, Pinterest needs to know who you are and what you do – in your case, that you are a TinyTap creator who makes amazing educational games.



Janet is TinyTap’s Social Media Manager, she is obsessed with hashtags and creating great content that inspires TinyTap’s teachers and parents worldwide. Feel free to contact her at [email protected] with any questions regarding promoting on social media, or just to say hi 🙂



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