Introducing Math Lingo: Become fluent in Math

Meet Math Lingo, our new app focused primarily on learning math, as a language. With 1,000s of illustrated and interactive games, Math Lingo encourages kids to become native speakers of Math.

Math as a language.

From the basic grammar of counting to the advanced vocabulary of geometry, Math is in fact a universal language. And just like any language, it’s easier to grasp the younger you begin learning it. 

Math Lingo’s curriculum is the first for ages 2+

One of the advantages of being introduced to math at a young age is building an instinct for it and not falling behind, later on. Math Lingo’s Learning Plan is available from the age of 2, providing activities to help children construct a solid foundation for success in math at school.

Sesame Street and Oxford University have joined.

Oxford University Press, Sesame Street, Miss Humblebee, and more, lead your child step-by-step, through the curriculum, in learning to count, compare, contrast, and start sorting things by color, shape, size, and purpose.

Math Lingo teaches in a way that kids can comprehend.

Every game uses illustrations that children can relate to and provides audible instructions, hints, and feedback from real teachers. When Math is humanized through real-life scenarios and visuals that interest children, it helps them identify math in their everyday lives, turning it into a no-brainer.

Available on iOS and Android.

Math Lingo is available for download on any iOS or Android device. It also has a 7-day trial to try the app for free.

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TinyTap is looking for an iOS Partner

TinyTap, the world’s largest library of games made by teachers, becomes a part of AnimocaBrands to build an open education system on blockchain.


TinyTap provides a code-free platform that empowers educators to create and share interactive educational content, and to receive a revenue share when learners use that platform 


Our content is created by leading educational authors, such as Sesame Street, and Oxford University Press, in addition to our worldwide community of teachers 


We’re looking for an iOS expert/leader with vast experience in building iOS apps, as well as self-taught on the latest Apple and most important technologies. If you have a strong sense of ownership, and an exceptional engineering mindset, come and join our team while we help change the world of education. 


Send your CV to [email protected] 

We are located in Tel Aviv, currently hybrid-remote with 2 days from home




  • 5+ years of software development experience using Objective-C and Swift
  • Deep understanding of the iOS design patterns and frameworks internals: Audio, Video, Networking, Core Data and Image processing frameworks.
  • Understanding of Apple’s design principles and interface guidelines
  • BS in CS, or equivalent experience (strong OOD skills)
  • Familiarity with RESTful APIs to connect iOS applications to back-end services
  • Thorough understanding of both client and web application development
  • Experience developing high-quality, mass market mobile applications
  • Proven ability to learn and adapt to new, complex development environments
  • Familiarity with Apple’s latest technologies, specifically SwiftUI, Combine, Async-Await and others. 
  • Great attention to detail on all aspects of the development cycle
  • Superb analytical skills
  • Excellent communication abilities 
  • Strong team ethics
  • Passionate about building great user interfaces
  • Contributions to open source – advantage (please provide GitHub username)
  • Apps on the App Store – advantage (please provide links)
  • Experience with iOS testing methodologies – advantage

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TinyTap introduces a SharePlay experience

Are you looking for a way to replace your kids’ boring video calls with fun and educational activities? We are so excited to introduce the “SharePlay” feature that is now available on the iOS version of TinyTap! 

Now your kids can play with loved ones, from wherever they are. With hundreds of educational games to choose from, kids can draw thoughts, learn numbers and letters, problem-solve, or try to win at tic-tac-toe on FaceTime with TinyTap.

Simply select one of our ‘Play Together’ activities and SharePlay it on FaceTime – and you’re good to go.

See how to use SharePlay with TinyTap for an active learning experience with friends and family.

As always, let us know if you have any questions at [email protected] – we’re happy to help! 

TinyTap launches Artsy to stretch your child’s creative muscles

We are excited to announce that we have launched the Artsy app, available on iOS, made to develop kids’ creativity and drawing skills with reusable creativity pages.

It includes various exercises to draw, relieve stress, practice writing, paint masterpieces, and more.

Creativity works like a muscle, and it requires working out

We see that children are born with an active imagination, but creativity is a muscle that becomes hard to maintain. Like any muscle, it will grow if you work on it. If you don’t? Well, it will weaken

Artsy is focused exclusively on creative training

Did you know that creativity is as important now in education as literacy is? According to educational experts, we should treat it with the same status. Artsy approaches creativity as a priority subject to learn.

It has 100’s of loved activities for developing motor skills 

Each page is designed to help kids with their fine motor skills, such as Complete the Picture, Inkblots, Calligraphy, Fashion Designs, etc.It also supports the Apple Pencil for iPad Pro and iPhones to assist kids with their pencil grip.