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With TinyTap anyone can be part of a community changing how kids play and learn

TinyTap Community

TinyTap, a free iPad/ iPhone based app, lets anyone create fun educational games to suit a child’s unique learning needs. 


TinyTap – Turn Moments into Games


Why TinyTap?

TinyTap is your chance to be part of a unique community of parents and teachers just like you. We’re building an online educational resource which anyone can contribute to and use to teach kids anything. Whether on an iPad or iPhone and no matter where in the world you are, you can access this invaluable resource.


What is TinyTap?


TinyTap is a free and highly intuitive game creation platform which lets parents, teachers and even kids create personalized educational kids games. In addition to the game creation platform, TinyTap also offers a selection of high quality games as part of the TinyTap Social Market.


TinyTap games are designed to be minimalistic placing more emphasis on quality graphics and less on distracting animations. This makes it the perfect choice for teaching and not merely entertaining kids. This is especially true in the case of kids with attention difficulties.


Yogev Shelly, TinyTap co-founder, said: “ Kids today are bombarded with everything from animation to sounds and even ads that I’m amazed they manage to learn anything from educational apps. We pride ourselves on putting education before everything else. And that’s why with TinyTap, kids get a quieter, distraction free experience.”


TinyTap Community: Building the largest collection of educational kids content


What makes TinyTap so powerful is that every game created can be shared with TinyTap Community and the world making it part of an ever-growing community ( of quality educational content.

Anyone can become a member of the TinyTap community. You can even create a profile for your school or brand. As a member you’ll have access to this unique educational resource contributed to by parents and teachers worldwide.


The TinyTap community lets you create, share, discover and even sell your TinyTap games.


Simple Game Creation: Trace and Talk


Creating a TinyTap game is simple. All that’s needed to create a game are some pictures, which can be snapped on an iPad, taken from a web image search or drawn using in the in-app Artist tool.
Parents or educators then add their own narration. All games can be personalized to suit the needs and interests of each individual child. In a matter of seconds you have an educational game that’s not only fun but will develop your child’s creativity in unimaginable ways.

TinyTap Artist – In-App Drawing Tool


TinyTap Artist is a free in-app drawing tool which lets kids, parents or teachers draw their own games. The tool comes complete with a palette of colours, a paintbrush, pencil, highlighter among other tools.

This in-app drawing tool adds a new dimension to game creation. It includes a text tool which makes it easier than ever to teach reading or to create text-based games. The tool also includes a sticker pack for each game.


The sticker pack makes it easier than ever for anyone to create professional looking games. The sticker pack lets you reinforce lessons learnt in the game. Once your child has finished a game they use the sticker pack for that game to practice what they’ve learnt. 

It’s the perfect outlet for a child’s creativity giving them the chance to bring their imaginations to life. This is a simple way for children to create unique drawings which can then be incorporated in a TinyTap game.
Parents and teachers can use Artist to teach children the alphabet or numbers or simply to tell great stories. TinyTap Artist helps develop a child’s coordination, fine motor skills and hones creativity. It’s also a great way to encourage self-expression and to develop a child’s self-confidence.


What to Look Forward to

In upcoming versions, game creators can look forward to a host of new game creation tools. These will allow for the creation of a diverse array of games besides question-answer type games.
These game creation tools will allow parents and teachers to further personalize and tailor the games they create to tackle kids’ unique educational needs.


Enthusiastic 2nd graders explain TinyTap


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