Celebrate Father’s Day with TinyTap

Dear Moms,
Father’s Day is slowly but surely approaching and your kids don’t have a present for dad yet?
Fear no more, help is under way.
This year, TinyTap would like to make your family’s Father’s Day a special one.
Happy Father's Day, Dad!

We have compiled a list of fun gift ideas for your kids, which can all be made using TinyTap:
1. Why my dad is the best
2. Dad’s favorites
3. I spy in our house…
4. Special moments with dad
5. Family photo album
6. The world according to dad
7. Recipes for dad
8. Family quiz
9. My favorite memory of dad is…
10. Things I’ve learnt from dad
Dad, you're the greatest
Don’t forget to share your games with us! We wish you all a very happy Father’s Day!

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