Game creator TinyTap releases app to develop visual perception and invites you to do the same

Create your own educational game to improve your child’s observational abilities


Oftentimes, parents find it difficult to better their children’s visual perception, as they feel they lack the knowledge of a trained teacher. With their newly released app What Doesn’t Belong?, game creator TinyTap has set out to make developing a child’s visual perception easy and spur its creative potential.


What Doesn’t Belong? was created using the TinyTap game creation platform and is a prime example of how the TinyTap tools can be utilized to develop a simple and engaging game. What Doesn’t Belong? develops a child’s visual perception skills by having it determine which detail in an image of a situation does not match the context. The game abstains from distracting animations and ads and helps train your child’s sense of logical thinking, while also broadening its general knowledge by teaching it about different professions and what they entail. 


With app creator TinyTap’s game creation platform, the possibilities of designing your own game to suit the specific needs of your child are endless. Do you want to teach your child about the seasons instead of professions? No problem – with TinyTap, creating a game is absolutely intuitive and quick, so that the game production is just as enjoyable as the playing of it. 


But that is not all. Game creation using TinyTap is so simple, that your child does not require your assistance. Let your child’s imagination run free and be amazed at what marvellous games it can produce all by itself. Encourage your child’s imagination, individuality and independence, all while keeping a focus on education. Unleash your child’s creativity! Visit the App Store to get started today.


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