Design guidelines

With TinyTap it takes only a few minutes to turn design and illustration into quality children’s apps. If you’re interested in creating an app, here are some design guidelines to keep in mind.

1. Design specifications



2. File formats


There should be about a 10% margin (see image below)

4. Front cover

– The cover image should include a title of the book

– There should be credits to the illustrator or/and writer.

– The cover image should be simple, clean yet eye-catching design 
– It’s recommended that the front cover should be big enough to be seen clearly when the book is viewed in the TinyTap store (see image below)

– It’s recommended that the image is engaging and simple. It should pique a child’s interest.
– See example of a typical TinyTap cover image

5. Design style notes

– Keep in mind that this is a design for a child’s book (it needs to be child-friendly)
– Pay attention to the age group the book is targeting 


6. Extras

– If you would also like to release your game as its own standalone app in the app store another cover is also needed.  (Remove the guidelines when sending the jpg but make sure that anything that you want seen is within the guidelines.) 

– Icons for the game. Saved for web as png24. I have included one of the icons for one of my games so that you can get an idea of how it should look. Simple, clean, maybe with the main character. Please bare in mind that these icons will not only be on the app store but also on the iPhone and iPad so the simpler the better :).

Templates for icons and app cover can be found here:



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