Game creator, TinyTap, adds themed Creation Packs to actively involve kids in the learning process

TinyTap is an iPad/iPhone app which lets anyone create educational kids games from everyday moments.

TinyTap is an iPad/iPhone app which puts a powerful creation platform in the hand of kids, parents and teachers enabling them to create their own quality educational games. But it isn’t just game creation which makes TinyTap unique.

Unlike other apps for kids, TinyTap is all about actively involving kids in the learning process. And with the newly released creation packs it’s now easier than ever to get your kids involved and excited about their learning. 

Now, with the newly released creation packs you can choose from a range of quality stickers, backgrounds, colouring pages and activity pages making game creation that much faster.
TinyTap’s creation packs are highly versatile. They can be used to create games and can be resized, moved and even colored-in as the game creator sees fit. But they’re also perfect for reinforcing and revising concepts that have already been taught.

TinyTap consists of the TinyTap Social Market, an in-app App Store, where you’ll find educational games created by other TinyTap uses as well as a selection created in-house by TinyTap. Each TinyTap game comes with it’s own creation pack. And that’s where the reinforcing comes in.

After your child has played a TinyTap game they can use the creation packs to reinforce what was learnt; recreate aspects of the game or they could even use them to create their own game.
How you choose the creation packs is up to you and can be tailored to suit the age of the child. You could, for example, just let your little ones play with them as they would with puppets. However you choose to use them, you can rest assured that your child will be actively involved in the learning process.
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