Get ready for Halloween

It’s that time of year again when spooky stories are told over sweet pumpkin treats. It’s that time of year when we talk about about flying witches and ghosts. Where we carve pumpkins and trick or treat.

Yes, it Halloween time again. The famous costume and candy holiday where kids are pumped full of adrenaline and sugar.
The good news is that it’s also the perfect holiday for parents to encourage learning, believe it or not. All you need is TinyTap.

With TinyTap it’s simple to create educational Halloween themed games that are so fun and engaging they’ll keep your kids engrossed for hours. There’s no better way to celebrate and get into the spirit of Halloween than with a game from TinyTap.

And to get you started, we’re releasing Ready for Halloween a bewitchingly entertaining Halloween-themed game. With this game kids are tasked with getting the porch ready for Halloween. The game requires kids to tap on objects that are associated with each other. For example, a kid needs to make a connection between a witch and a flying broomstick.

Here’s what kids will learn:
1.The Halloween story: The game focuses on concepts which are central to Halloween
such as decorating the house, ghosts and pumpkins.
2. Associative thinking skills: The game requires a kid to make links between objects.
A kid needs to think creatively and understand how different objects work together.
3. Phonemic awareness: The game is written to emphasize rhyming words. This draws
a kid’s attention to the words and helps them recognize the unique sounds that make up words. This is an essential skill for reading. For more on Phonemic awareness see our blog post on teaching children to read.

This game is free to download but for a limited time only. After the holiday, it will be available for download for $0.99. So take advantage of this offer and have a happy Halloween. Download it now!
Happy Halloween from the TinyTap team!

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