Introducing Houdini Images

Reveal your lesson’s full potential with TinyTap’s Houdini Images

Teach complex topics and master new concepts with responsive images. TinyTap’s newest tool offers creators a way to add images and gifs that appear, disappear, move, or sound upon tap.


Many topics and concepts are hard for learners to understand through static images. Creators can now add interactivity that enables learners to delve deeper by discovering layers, flipping through flashcards for more information, and watching a process unravel on their screen.


Add a touch of magic to your lessons with Houdini:


Teach complex concepts in stages: Reveal the inner workings of layered objects. Instead of showing several diagrams of the human body, or layers of a planet,  delve deeper by tapping by peeling through the layers for details.



Create digital flashcards: Master new material with flashcards that hide and reveal correct answers. Students can create their own test-prep materials and quiz themselves.



Reveal multi stage processes: Provide step-by-step details for processes and cycles. For example, instead of showing a life cycle, students can progress through the steps by tapping to unveil information.



Reinforce early math skills: Build confidence with activities that empower students to learn to count by tapping away images and uncovering the solution underneath.



You can add 9 interactivity options with Houdini:


Appear on Tap:



Play on Tap:



Disappear on Tap:

Watch the full tutorial here: 



How will you use the magic of Houdini? Play the Houdini Tutorial game to learn how you can reveal the learning potential of your lessons:


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