How to Share TinyTap Games + One 0.99$ Game Giveaway for Free!

There are several ways you can share the games you create with TinyTap.

When in the Library screen tap on the edit button, a small tab now appears over each of the games you have. you can delete a game, edit it or share it! you can also display this tab when you tap on the Feedback & Share button on the bottom left corner and choose Share Game.

When you tap on the email icon, you can choose to share your game it via email, facebook or iTunes, we will cover each of the options in this post.

Share via email

The email option is the fatest way to share an actual game, the app will save your game in a unique file format – *.ttb (TinyTap Book).

when your recipient wil receive your mail he needs to first install TinyTap from the App Store if he don’t already have it, then when he’ll tap on the file attached, an option to open the file in TinyTap will appear.

TIP: Sharing via email is also a great way to make backups for the game you create, so you can always reinstall them if you need to.

Share Via iTunes File Sharing

Most people aren’t familiar with Apple’s iTunes File Sharing, Here’s Apple’s guide to this feature – About File Sharing. In short it’s a way to export contents from apps that can later be saved on your mac or pc using itunes. when you connect itunes and browse to an app that uses the feature, like TinyTap, you can see all the files you exported in a folder and can drag them to your desktop, even better – you can drag in files from other sources and TinyTap will automatically detect them and install them for you.

Why is this better then email? well, sometime email can’t send big games (over 10 mb) so you can use this feature that has no limitations and it’s super fast. its also a great way for students who has acces to games on a local server and need to add them to TinyTap, like we mention, you can also import files this way.


When you share on facebook, you share a snapshot of your game’s cover, just as it appears in the Library screen.



The most amazing way to share is to put the games online, and send a link to people. after they downloaded the *.ttb file, they will be asked if they wish to open it with TinyTap (if they already have it, if not they must install TinyTap first)

So basically you can imagine independent authors or brands creating webpages that serve TinyTap games for anyone to enjoy!

Here’s an example for how easy it is to download games, we are giving away a 0.99$ TinyTap game for free! Download it right here, directly from our blog, if you don’t already have TinyTap installed on your iPad, Click here to get TinyTap for free

Match It – Wild Animals (0.99$ – FREE, Direct Download)

TinyTap.  Match It , Wild Animals. Free Game
Get your match on! This cognitive puzzle matching game shows a different silhouette of an animal on each page. Your goal is to match it with the correct animal. Play with 3 different sets of animals.

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TIP: It might look like safari isn’t doing anything while it’s downloading, but it is, just give it a few moments.





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