Introducing TinyTap Social Market: a unique resource for educational kids content

TinyTap Social Market is our biggest feature yet and it’s going to dramatically change the way you experience TinyTap. Now you can do more than just create quality educational games!
So what’s all the fuss about?

The TinyTap Social Market is a community which lets you you share, discover and even sell your educational content. You’ll get a profile where all the games you create as well as other’s games which you like will be displayed. The profile is also a great way to promote your educational content.
And that’s certainly not the only thing that’s got us excited. See, as a member of this unique community you’ll be contributing to an ever-growing resource of educational kids content. Now that’s exciting!
All the games you share on the Social Market become part of this community making them discoverable by parents and teachers worldwide.
Bottom Line: You’re contributing to what we hope will become the biggest and most comprehensive collaboratively produced educational resource for kids.
Here’s a look at what makes the TinyTap Social Market so exciting
(Oh and did we mention that it’s free?)
1. You get your very own profile

2. You get access to quality educational content created by parents and teachers worldwide

3. You get to share your content with a growing worldwide community

Who could resist becoming part of such a unique community? All you need to do is Facebook login. The new and improved TinyTap is just one tap away. Welcome!

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