TinyTap launches Artsy to stretch your child’s creative muscles

We are excited to announce that we have launched the Artsy app, available on iOS, made to develop kids’ creativity and drawing skills with reusable creativity pages.

It includes various exercises to draw, relieve stress, practice writing, paint masterpieces, and more.

Creativity works like a muscle, and it requires working out

We see that children are born with an active imagination, but creativity is a muscle that becomes hard to maintain. Like any muscle, it will grow if you work on it. If you don’t? Well, it will weaken

Artsy is focused exclusively on creative training

Did you know that creativity is as important now in education as literacy is? According to educational experts, we should treat it with the same status. Artsy approaches creativity as a priority subject to learn.

It has 100’s of loved activities for developing motor skills 

Each page is designed to help kids with their fine motor skills, such as Complete the Picture, Inkblots, Calligraphy, Fashion Designs, etc.It also supports the Apple Pencil for iPad Pro and iPhones to assist kids with their pencil grip.

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