iPads at home: 5 ways families are using TinyTap

In this new digital age, raising children to have a healthy relationship to technology can prove to be a seemingly impossible task for parents. They are constantly screening and evaluating apps, in order to alleviate their uncertainties about whether the content within is truly suitable for their children.  



TinyTap is the solution to these newly arisen hardships that come with parenting. Not only is our content created specifically for kids; a lot of it is actually work of their own doing! We enable families around the globe to connect, learn and grow, by letting them personalize their children’s gaming experience to their heart’s content. The sky is the limit!  


1. Learning from experiences

With TinyTap, parents are teaching their toddlers about body parts using photos of their own personal experiences. This engages the children more intensely than a generalized game would and helps them remember the words they have learnt, by matching them with familiar sights and faces.  


2. Sharing personal moments


The in-app artist allows children to set their imagination free and create all sorts of interesting games. One boy snapped photos of his family’s home and put together a search game inspired by the classical “I spy…”. The fact that the player is invited into the boy’s home and searches for items within the family’s four walls is what makes this game so endearing. The positive feedback, which the boy gives for successful finds in the game (“You’re awesome!”) brightens the player’s day and encourages him to continue searching for items.

In this game, we see images of the family’s house, but possibilities for similar games of “I spy” using private photos are endless: A day at the beach, the zoo, or in the mountains… Give it a try!  


3. Encouraging young creativity

At the TinyTap marketplace, game creators of diverse backgrounds come together and contribute to the growing number of games in a huge variety of languages. One of our young users created a game about body parts in Spanish using photos he took of himself. The boy has made his game to be geared towards younger children and it is a prime example of how older siblings can be involved in the playful education of their younger siblings.  


4. Bridging the gap  


Game creation with TinyTap is so intuitive, that people of any age can utilize it without difficulty. We have already shown you some games created by our very young users. Check out this adorable game created for a toddler by its grandmother:  

Families are not only using TinyTap to learn and play; they are bridging gaps between the generations and keeping their family members across the world connected.  


5. Keeping families connected  

Many families are spread out across the globe and often lose touch. It is especially difficult for children to build a relationship with family members, if they seldom have a chance to interact with them.  


One of our young users has created a game to counteract this problem. He has put together a quiz with photos of family members to help keep his family connected.

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