iPads in the classroom: 5 ways teachers are using TinyTap

As a teacher, it can be quite a daunting task finding apps which are not only educational but appropriate for students. However, If used correctly iPads can greatly enhance lessons and keep kids engaged in the learning process.
But with all the apps out there, where does one even begin?

tinytap - classroom

TinyTap is one of the most versatile apps around. It can be used to teach kids anything, from a foreign language to renaissance art!
Teachers everywhere can TinyTap’s platform to create games tailored to suit their students’ unique learning needs.

See how first grade teachers are using TinyTap!



With TinyTap, teachers no longer need to search for the right apps to compliment their lesson plans. In a matter of minutes teachers can create fun and engaging educational content to supplement what they’re already teaching. TinyTap puts the power of educational game creation in teachers’ hands.

Here are just a few ways teachers from around the world are using TinyTap in the classroom.

1. The solar system

solar system

Teaching kids about the solar system can be challenging. If a teacher isn’t careful this kind of lesson can easily become complex and mundane to the point that students don’t learn anything.
One teacher decided to get creative and got students to create their own TinyTap games reflecting what they’d learnt about the solar system. The result was 14 quality solar system themed games which range from quizzes about space to games about the planets in the solar system.


2. Assessment


Regardless of the specifics of a curriculum all kids learn to recognize and differentiate colours, shapes and patterns. Using TinyTap a lesson about something as simple as learning about colours can be transformed into an engaging game.
One teacher decided to do just that. Using TinyTap she created a series of games for assessing a child’s ability to recognize patterns, body parts, shapes, colours, the ABC as well as numbers. These games turn learning into play.


3. Digitizing lessons


Reinforcing and revising concepts already taught doesn’t have to be mind-numbing. A creative teacher can find a way to actively involve their students and make revision not only engaging but effective.
One teacher used TinyTap to digitize lessons turning them into TinyTap games. Each student using their own drawings to create a TinyTap game about fairy tales. For example, one student created a game called Jack and the Ladder (a parody of Jack and Beanstalk) and another created a game called Cinderlily (a fresh take on the classic Cinderella).
These students also created a series of games about butterflies and caterpillars which test concepts that had already been taught in class. In this way, this class is digitizing their lessons turning content already taught into playable games.

4. Animal life cycles

life cycles

Teachers can bring the life cycles of different animals to life by turning them into TinyTap games. This not only makes the lesson far more engaging but it helps students clearly understand each stage of the life cycle.
One teacher created a series of TinyTap games about the life cycle of different animals. One game focused on the life cycle of the chicken and another on the life cycle of the butterfly. This teacher also created games to teach about the life cycle of frogs and plants.

5. Quantities

There are many different ways to teach kids about quantities. One of the most effective, however, is to get kids to interact with different quantities in some way.
One teacher did just that using TinyTap. She created a series of games which get students to grapple with mathematical terminology such as the terms long and short.
In one of her games she took pictures of her class playing with play dough of different sizes and asked them to point to either the long or short play dough. She also created other games which deal with concepts such as bigger or smaller; more or less and counting.

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