Crying Baby? Easily Communicate With “Love Signs”


Love Signs is a five episode series that guides you on how to communicate with your child through signing.

With interactive instruction and songs, we can teach them to share with you their needs instead of saying “this” and pointing at everything.
With use of simple signs, your child will be able to express his or her needs in a way that you can understand, and vice versa.
Learning signs in order to communicate will empower both you and your baby and will help your baby feel seen, heard, and understood.
Your child will:

  •   Enjoy a frustration-free language acquisition journey
  •   Learn the signs from you in a fun way
  •   Enrich his or her vocabulary and motor skills
  •   Build his or her attention and concentration skills
  •   Be encouraged to use eye contact communication through daily life experiences

The episodes relate to everyday parent-child interactions: changing a diaper, going out to the garden, bed time and more.



About The Creator

Hi! My name is Michal Nave. I’m a sign language expert.
When I became a mother almost a decade ago, I discovered that sign language hides within it a magic….the magic of enabling us to communicate with your child.



So what are we waiting for? Let’s begin…

Click here to begin your baby’s exciting language learning journey!


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