Marketing your new TinyTap app – A TinyTap Pro Designer’s success story

Dear TinyTap Publishers,


Congratulations, you’ve done it! You have converted your beautiful stories and illustrations into a kids app, which can now be enjoyed by young digital explorers all over the world.


But the fun has just begun. Now, it’s time to get the word out and ensure that all those little readers know about your new app!


App Store

Check out how David Opie, designer of “Let’s Go, Murray!” has made great use of the sites available to him to promote his work.


As a first important step, he describes the project on his official website, making sure to include many exciting images and a download link for the app.

David Opie Site


On his blog, David gives a fascinating insight into the illustrations’ creation process. He illustrates the steps he took to convert his images into a digital app and make them come to life. He gives his blog post even more depth, by providing his readers with helpful Photoshop advice .

Creation Process     Creation Process 

He spreads the word across all media, tweeting links to his blog post, website, Apple Store download, Behance profile and TinyTap game page. In addition, he makes use of his alumni connections, announcing his new work on the alumni web page of the design school he attended.

TinyTap MarketDon’t have your own TinyTap app yet? Contact [wpml_mailto email=”[email protected] “][email protected] [/wpml_mailto] for more details!


Get started today and add a new dimension to your art!

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