Meet TinyTap’s Trusted Teachers: Gülce Tüzüner


How did you find out about TinyTap and what do you use it for?

While I was studying for my SLP master program, there were very few educational games available in Turkish, and I was searching for some customizable games that I could use in my therapy sessions. I found TinyTap while Googling for SLP apps. Since then, I have used TinyTap with my clients to strengthen the language targets we are working on, while having fun with interactive games. 

What is the best part of creating a game? What do you hope to achieve in the long term?

After a while, I noticed that I could reach children all around the world with TinyTap. I translated some of my games into different languages and I created more English games too. And, thankfully, TinyTap helped me with translations into other languages. The best part is knowing that my games reach children everywhere. I hope that I can create more and more fantastic games over time and that I will be able to reach potentially millions of children.

Which feature do you like the most?
I like to combine animated features with puzzle games, as children see moving images when they complete the puzzle, which, especially with little kids, offers more excitement and a feeling of achievement.
Where do you get inspiration from?
As I work mostly with toddlers and pre-schoolers with autism, I am searching for and utilizing different kinds of educational materials and apps every day. They give me lots of ideas and so I am full of fresh educational ideas most of the time. I like to make simpler games that don’t need many instructions, and so are easier to follow. Also, I am always playing around with TinyTap features to discover new ideas.
How would you inspire other teachers to use TinyTap successfully?
Before uploading your game, have some kids and/or friends play the game and ask for their feedback about what they like/don’t like. Don’t hesitate to change or add new features based on this feedback. It may sound basic, but make sure that your age and language selections are appropriate to your game.


What tip would you give to new creators?
My advice to new creators is to read and watch TinyTap’s instructional articles and videos, play more games from Trusted Teachers, use colorful images, and try to use more voice options with effects when making instructional recordings. If you have a voice actor/actress friend, ask them to read the instructions for you. The final thing is, don’t hesitate to reach out to TinyTap’s staff if you have a question or need help, as they are always friendly and supportive.

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