New game: ABC at your fingertips

Learning the ABC has never been easier or more fun than with TinyTap’s new game, I love ABC. But with this game it’s more than just about keeping children engrossed. With the tap of your iPad you’re developing your child’s language skills and laying the foundation for literacy. And best part is that your children will be too busy tapping away to realize.

I love ABC is the perfect game for children who are just starting to learn the alphabet. It focuses on the letters A to G. Each letter is presented using three different animals only one of which begins with the displayed letter.

Children then need to tap on the animal whose name begins with letter being learnt. For example, for letter A children will be presented with an alligator, camel and penguin. They need to click on the alligator.

But with this game, it’s not just the ABC that children learn. The game features real animal sounds and the names of each of the animals displayed is vocalized. This helps build basic vocabulary and gives children an awareness of different animals and the sounds they make.

You can give your child this invaluable gift for only $0.99. Check out the TinyTap app store for this and other games. Try I Love ABC today.

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