TinyTap Pro Games: Sell and Share the Activities You Create

TinyTap Pro games are activities created by experienced teachers that are sold on the TinyTap market.


50% of revenue from TinyTap Pro subscriptions is shared with teachers who create on TinyTap. And, when you sell your activity on TinyTap, you receive a portion of revenues from TinyTap Pro sales. In February 2017, our team completed a comprehensive review of games on TinyTap and updated high quality games by teachers to TinyTap Pro. This provides more teachers with the ability to earn revenue from their games. Learn more about selling your activities on TinyTap here.


Of course, the choice to sell an activity or share it for free will always be yours. 


How to Sell your TinyTap Games


To submit your activity for sale, click on the Sell Game button on the game’s preview page.



Now that your game is available for sale, you can still share TinyTap Pro games you create with students and other teachers for free. To share activities, create a class group on TinyTap Insights, and add student sub-accounts or invite fellow teachers. Next, assign the activity to your group members, who will be able to play for free.


By assigning your activities you are able to share your Pro activities with people you choose for free, while still earning revenue by selling your game in the TinyTap Market.


How to Share Your Premium Games for Free


Assign activities to students and teachers, so they are able to access and play your Pro games for free.



Click here to learn more about TinyTap Insights.


How to Update Your TinyTap Pro Activities to Free Games


If you would not like to sell your game, you can update your Pro activities by clicking the Offer for Free button on the game’s preview screen.



The TinyTap team curates activities created by the TinyTap community to ensure premium content is featured and easy for the community to discover. Many of the most popular activities by top creators have been updated to TinyTap Pro.


TinyTap’s mission is to show the value of teacher created content. The number of TinyTap Pro subscribers is growing rapidly, proving that parents, educators, and students see the value of lessons created by teachers.


We want to work with teachers to share their lessons with students around the world, so teachers can earn thousands of dollars while proving that teacher created content is what parents and teachers appreciate and need.


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