Student Sign In is Easier than Ever with QR Login

Get your students quickly signed into their own accounts and playing lessons with QR Login. It is not easy for younger students to remember usernames and passwords. And, logging into accounts for an entire class should be fast and easy for teachers.


To make it easy for students to sign into their own accounts, TinyTap generates a unique QR code for each student’s account.  Now they can focus their time on completing assignments, mastering tests and creating their own games.


To sign in students simply need to click the “sign in with QR code” button and scan their codes with the camera on their device when they open TinyTap on an iPad, iPhone or iPod.


Engage students with QR Login! You can share activities with students remotely by assigning games on TinyTap. Print out the Parent Handout and send students home with an easy way to stay connected and learn.


Here’s how you can use TinyTap to manage class tasks:

  • Assign homework: Assign class activities and tests, and track progress with fully measurable games.
  • Pre-assign a learning plan: Assign 2-3 activities for students to complete each week by setting weekly tasks at the end of the school year.





You can use QR login to empower students to connect in class and at home:


In class, make it easy for students to login independently by cutting out individual cards for each student to keep at their desks, or posting the class QR code printout on a wall for easy access.


At home, parents can hang the QR code on the fridge, or in their child’s room so kids can complete lessons at home.


How to Print Out QR Codes:


From TinyTap Insights, select the group you would like to print QR codes for. Click on the members Tab, and you will have the option to print QR codes for sub-accounts.


Screenshot 2017-02-27 at 2.36.18 PM

Print QR codes to use in class


To print Login Cards to use in class, click the “QR Login Cards” button above your class link. This will generate cards for your entire class.


qr-fake2Print QR codes to send home

To print a QR code for children to use at home,  click the “Parent Handout” button beside the student’s name.


QR_code (1)


Click here to print QR codes for your students.


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