Introducing Talk or Type

Create voice-based activities with immediate feedback that empowers students to engage and learn



Introducing Talk or Type, a new feature that enables students to answer text based questions through speech. We have updated our Tap n’ Type feature to allow students to answer based on their learning styles and writing abilities.


Writing an answer is not always ideal for all students. Many are still learning how to write and those new to a language are discovering new words. Now students can practice spelling and pronunciation through voice-based activities that allow them to answer through speaking. 


Empower Students and Provide Feedback with Talk or Type Activities


Enable students that can’t write to answer text questions. Now students can interact based on their abilities; create spelling activities, read-along games and counting that allow students to recite their answers verbally.


Add a level of engagement with verbal interaction. Bring an extra level of participation to science diagrams and storybooks with fill in the blank activities that allow students to answer through speech.


Practice pronunciation with verbal feedback. Learn new languages independently with lessons that provide feedback on pronunciation. And, utilize Talk or Type for speech therapy lessons that allow students to hear words and practice intonations and proper pronunciation, while learning how to spell the phrases correctly.


Discover how to use Talk or Type to add voice based activities to your TinyTap lessons:



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