Teach your kids about everyday objects

TinyTap is so simple and intuitive to use. It’s the perfect platform to teach kids anything! All it takes is few taps and within seconds you have a fun, engaging game for your little one.
In our new series of blog posts we’ll be demonstrating just that! Each day you’ll see how easy it is to turn any moment into a quality educational game.


Today’s post deals with everyday objects. This is a great game for little ones. It teaches them to be more aware of their surroundings and also helps them differentiate objects.

 Everyday Objects

Here’s what you do, in three quick taps:


1. Identify the objects

We recommend choosing objects that your child sees regularly like their bottle, the keys or maybe even a favorite toy. We used the following objects: keys; a jug; a cellphone, a bowl, a book, a plate, tissues, a leaf, coffee, a towel and a toy.

 Everyday Objects

You can decide to pick everyday object that relate to the same theme. For example, you may like to pick objects that are related to food such a knives, forks, serviettes etc. You could also decide to use the same selection of objects throughout the game and let the child eliminate objects as the game progresses.


2. Snap. Trace. Create

Snap pictures of the objects you’ve chosen. Then you need to add some audio such as: Can you see the object we use to open doors? These audio prompts can be very obvious (such as EO1B

Once you’ve added the question prompt you need to trace the correct answer. It can also be helpful to add prompts to help kids who are stuck. These could include prompts such as: Try again, we’re looking for something which we carry in our pockets.


3. Let the learning begin

It’s really that simple. You now have a fun TinyTap game about everyday objects.


Try our game here.

Ps. We’d love to see what everyday objects you have lying around at home. Why not share your Everyday Objects game with us.

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