Teach your kids about National Anthem Day

Today isn’t just another day. In case you haven’t heard, March 3 is what is known as National Anthem Day. It was on this day in 1931 that the Star Spangled Banner was adopted as America’s national anthem. And that makes this the perfect day to teach your child about national anthems.

National Anthem

As many Americans take some time out to sing and reflect, we have some fun ideas for how you can use TinyTap to mark this special day. We’ve even created a free TinyTap game in honor of National Anthem Day. It’s an engaging game and is fun way to teach your child about different national anthems. Download it here.


Create your own National Anthem Day TinyTap game

Step 1: Choose your countries
Make a list of the different national anthems you’d like to teach your child. We decided to choose Canada, America, Brazil, Argentina, Germany, Italy and South Africa.
Step 2: Create your game
We found an image of the world which represented each country with its flag (see image below). This adds even more educational value to the game as it teaches kids to make links between a country, it’s flag and its anthem.

Our game consisted of one page with multiple questions. For the questions, we simply recorded the country’s national anthem. While no other narration is required, you can add a mistake prompt if you like. This makes it a very easy game to create and an effective one to learn from.


You can always add other pages to the game. You could for example, add a picture of several flags (see below) and then as a question add the national anthem of one of those countries.

Step 3: Listen and learn
The beauty of this game lies in it simplicity. Kids will hear a national anthem and will then need to identify the relevant country. This is a great way to teach kids about different countries and their national anthems.

Happy National Anthem Day! Why not celebrate by letting your kids create a TinyTap game about their national anthem. We’d love to learn about your national anthem.


Get our simple National Anthem Day game here.
This game was inspired by a game created by a member of the TinyTap community.

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