Teach your kids about shapes & colours

In today’s post, part of our new Teach your Kids Anything series, we show you that in a few snaps of common everyday objects you can teach your kids about shapes and colours.

It took us a few seconds to put this game together and you could do the same. And the best thing about such a game is that you don’t need to look too far for inspiration.
We recommend sticking with everyday objects. This really adds to the educational value of the game showing your kids that shapes and colours are all around them.

And if you have older kids you could get them to create their own shape and colour game. There’s nothing more enjoyable for a child then playing a active role in the learning process.

It’s really simple to create such a game.
To learn more about the game we created, see below or try the game here


Step 1: Find shapes and colours

We looked for common everyday objects with interesting but clearly recognizable shapes. These included circles, squares and rectangles.
We tried to make sure these objects were things that one is likely to see on a daily basis. That way the game draws a child’s attention to that fact that shapes are everywhere.


Step 2: Trace it

Then we created the game. We asked question like: where is the circle or can you find the red circle. You can adjust the difficulty of the game according to the age of your kids.


Play and learn

And that’s it. See how quick and easy that was. And now you have a game personalized to suit your child’s unique educational needs.



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