The Farm Animals – Real Animals Sounds!

Meet TinyTap’s farmyard animals. A colourful bunch of 10 different animals just waiting to greet your children with a moo or a woof or perhaps even a meow. And with their help you’ll very easily be able to teach your children to not only identify different animals but the sounds they make as well.

With TinyTap’s new game, The Farm Animals, it’s simpler than ever to do so and to develop other skills integral to early childhood development along the way. And the best thing about it is that for children it’s as fun as a day out at the farmyard.
The game consists of 10 different animals including a cow, sheep, chicken, horse, dog and pig. Children will be presented with three different animals at a time. After hearing an animal sound, children will need to click on the animals that makes the sound.
This a great way to develop a child’s associative thinking skills as all sounds used in the game are real. Children will be prompted until they click on the correct animal. This teaches a child to associate animals with the sounds they make. It also a great way of developing a child’s memory and logical thinking. Before you know it your children will be able to differentiate among all the farmyard animals.
The Farm Animals is available to download from the TinyTap app store for $1.99. It’s an invaluable game that your children will love. And it’s the perfect way to kickstart early childhood learning.

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