The new and improved TinyTap

You know when you get something shiny and new all you want to do is show it off? That’s kind of how we, at the TinyTap headquarters,  feel with our latest update which is live and available now in the App Store. We’re really proud of it and we know you’re going to go love it.


Here’s what you’ll get in this update:


1. iPhone creation


This new TinyTap iPhone creation platform, compatible with all iPhones models, works with the in-phone camera. It simplifies game creation and makes it so easy to effectively capture everyday moments. With intuitive three-step game creation the platform is perfect for kids. Everything from functionality to graphics are designed to be 100% child-friendly.

 Screenshot 1B

The TinyTap iPhone creation platform allows for on the go game creation and learning. You could be in the park with your kids, on family trip or maybe in the classroom. Wherever you are, TinyTap is the perfect tool to capture moments while still actively involving your kids in the learning process.

 Screenshot 1C

2. Themed sticker packs


Sticker packs are highly versatile. They can be used to create games and can be resized, moved and even colored-in as the game creator sees fit. But they’re also perfect for reinforcing and revising concepts that have already been taught.


Each TinyTap game comes with it’s own sticker pack. And that’s where the reinforcing comes in. After your child has played a TinyTap game they can use the sticker packs to reinforce what was learnt; recreate aspects of the game or they could even use them to create their own game.


3. Design suitable for all ages

photo 1 (3)

We’ve given TinyTap a complete face lift. You’ll notice the design is more minimalistic making it the perfect learning platform for all ages from toddlers to high school students. We’ve also made changes to the user experience which means that now you can do more in fewer taps.

 photo 2

Get the new and improved TinyTap today! It’s packed full of exciting features and is not something you want to miss out on.


Happy TinyTap-ing!

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