TinyTap Artist tutorial: Transform a picture

TinyTap Artist adds a whole new level to game creation. But it’s more than a nifty art set complete with paintbrushes, pencils and a selection of colours. With this feature, if you can imagine it you can create it.
It’s now easier than ever to draw your own games. But you can also use this feature to transform a picture into your own masterpiece. That’s the great thing about this feature. It isn’t just for those with an artistic bent. Let us explain.
What many don’t realize is how multifunctional TinyTap Artist is. It can be used by kids, parents and teachers alike. It can also be used to to develop an array of skills from motor skills to creativity. It all depends on how you choose to use it. And that’s why we felt it was time for a series of TinyTap Artist tutorials posted weekly to get you up to speed.
Today’s tutorial deals with transforming an already existing picture. This is a really fun exercise and is a great way to involve kids actively in the game creation process.
Step one: Choose your image
Once you’ve opened the TinyTap app, click to create a new game. Tap on Add Photo and then select Artist. This will open TinyTap Artist. To open the toolbox and to start drawing, click the black pen top at the bottom of the screen.

You’ll now have a selection of drawing tools at your disposal. But we’ll come back to them later. For this exercise, you need to click the gray paint brush icon on the right. This will give you the option to import an image or change the background. For now, click Web.

For the purposes of this exercise we’re going to search for a picture of a field. You can do the same or search for something else. Keep in mind that the image should be something you can add to in some way.

Once you’ve selected and cropped your chosen image, you’ll notice that it now fills the entire screen.

Step two: Start drawing
Now you can make use of all the other tools that the TinyTap Artist has to offer. Don’t be shy. This is where you can let your imagination run wild. Add whatever you think is missing or would enhance the drawing in some way.
We decided to add some sunshine and a kite. Take a look at it. Now that’s what we call a transformed picture! Wouldn’t you agree?

Step three: Create your game
Now that you’ve transformed an image why not use your newly created image for a game. Simply click the Done button in the top left corner once you’ve finished drawing. Your new image will now appear on the game creation page. Click the image to add a question, answer and mistake prompt.
And there you have it! A new game from a one of your very own masterpieces.

For more ideas on what you can do with TinyTap Artist see our Instagram profile.

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