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Manage Student Learning and Encourage Parent Participation


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Easily assign activities to students and measure results on TinyTap. From independent learning, to class tests, assigning activities on TinyTap makes it easier to organize class activities and measure student understanding.



Manage Class Homework


Engage students and quickly grade lessons by assigning homework on TinyTap. And, encourage parent participation by adding them to your group and connected them to their child’s account. You will also save time on grading, as each answer will be shown in your group’s insights, showing you where students are flourishing and where they have room for improvement.


Supplemental Activities


Ensure students progress in key areas by providing additional lessons when needed. For example, if a student can improve his understanding of the 9 times multiplication table, you can assign multiplication activities to him so he can master the subject.


Measure Student Understanding With Interactive Tests


Who says multiple choice scantrons are the most convenient way to grade tests? Access student understanding with interactive tests on TinyTap.


How to Get Started with Assignments on TinyTap


Step 1: Create a Group


First, click on the Insights button on the top righthand corner of the TinyTap website.


To create your group select the class name, grade and school.


Screen Shot 2017-04-09 at 10.57.57 (1)Step 2: Add student sub-accounts


A student’s username and password are automatically generated when you input their name. However, you can update both manually if you would like to use words or numbers that are easier for students to remember.


Screen Shot 2017-04-13 at 16.07.59Get parents involved with your students’ education. Easily share students’ assignments and progress with parents by inviting them to join TinyTap.


Student’s can easily sign on using their personal QR Code.  Teachers can post student QR codes on a wall in the classroom so students can scan their code and logon to their own account without any help from adults.



qr-fake2Step 3: Assign Activities

Ensure students complete their lessons by assigning activities. You can assign activities in TinyTap Insights, or as you find material when exploring the TinyTap Market.


Assign from TinyTap Insights


To assign activities from TinyTap Insights click on the Assignments tab within your group. Here you can search for specific titles, or explore lessons by keyword or subject.


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Once you have selected an activity confirm the deadline and add any additional assignments. When you click the assign button students and parents will receive an email notification, and see the status of assigned activities on the top row when they open TinyTap.

Assign from Activity Page


It’s easy to assign activity you discover in the TinyTap Market. If you find an activity you would like to share with your class, simply click on the Assign button under the game, select the  group or student you would like to assign the activity to and confirm the deadline


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Create your class group and get started with TinyTap Insights.

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