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No matter how old you are, there will always be that list. That list of books and stories that you grew up on -the classics.

Reading a children’s book is an amazing experience -whether you’re 5 or 60 years old. But we seldom ask ourselves how incredible it must feel to be the artist behind these stories – the children’s authors.

Children’s authors are magicians with a pen (or a laptop, in these days), creating fantasy worlds and beautiful stories that often stay in a kid’s mind long after they’ve had some kids of their own.

So, in light of these amazing magicians and what their work has done for the world, we decided to give a little bit back and offer them a new, unique way of bringing their stories back to life – or giving them another one!

The Author’s Project

TinyTap’s Authors Project is a way for authors to digitize their books and sell them on iTunes and Android Market as apps. 

This is an amazing opportunity for authors to get more exposure and most excitingly, reach kids around the world in a different, interactive way.

Below, some of the authors we’ve collaborated with:

Hazel Edwards: Reading Ambassador and Australian author of 200 books including There’s a Hippopotamus on Our Roof Eating Cake’ (Penguin)
.www.hazeledwards.com has recent titles, e-books and speaking events.




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