Introducing TinyTap Courses

Combine lessons to teach comprehensively and promote mastery of knowledge




















Create comprehensive learning units for students by leveraging TinyTap lessons and games. With TinyTap Courses, teachers can design lesson plans to ensure student comprehension and mastery of knowledge.


Ensure Subject Mastery with Score Thresholds

Student understanding can be fully measured because they are only able to proceed to the next game once demonstrating a solid understanding of the concept. This ensures students are able to build on related concepts in the future.


Teach subjects more comprehensively by selecting 3 or more TinyTap activities in a related subject area. For example, when teaching students about grammar, you can include separate activities for nouns, verbs, and sentence structure, allowing students to process related subject matter.


Content Discovery

You can share TinyTap Courses publicly to allow other users to discover your lessons. Courses make it easier for teachers, parents and students to find the educational content they need, and also make it easier for the TinyTap community to discover your content. Interested in selling your lessons to a global market? Learn more about creating on the TinyTap Market here.


When to Use Courses 

  • Introduce students to a new subject through a selection of related lessons
  • Empower students to learn independently with a structured lesson plan
  • Assess students’ understanding through fully measurable courses 

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