TinyTap Insights

Create groups, assign lessons, track progress


TinyTap is proud to launch Insights, a data management tool to leverage your favorite TinyTap lessons into quantifiable teaching resources.

Engage your students, improve grades, and save valuable time – all with this data management companion to an award-winning educational app.


Since its founding, TinyTap has empowered teachers to create the interactive lessons their classrooms need. It’s time to open up the hood and see real-time analytics. Which lessons did your students complete? How did they score? Are they improving over time?



When to Use Insights

  • Formative Assessments: create tests, quizzes, and lesson reviews
  • Digital Homework: assign a lesson, track who played, see how they did
  • Project-Based Learning: let students build their own portfolios of interactive presentations


Start Collecting Insights

1. Create a Group

Once you’re logged in, start by creating a group – for your class, family, hobby club, or any other group you want to teach.


2. Add members
Add group members by inviting them via email or creating unique usernames. You can also invite third parties to view your members’ performance and progress.

3. Assign lessons 
Assign your group a TinyTap lesson. Search for the lesson you want, add comments or instructions, and select a due date. 
4. Feed view
Your members will see the assigned lessons in their TinyTap feed and/or via email notification.
5. View Insights
Once your members play the assigned lesson, check “Insights” to see their data, including when they completed the lesson, how they scored, and their respective percentiles. 
6. View individual member
You can also focus on a specific group member. Click on an individual profile to see what games they have played, assign lessons individually, and check out their student portfolios.



Pro Tips

  • In addition to assigning your own lessons, you can assign your groups lessons created by other TinyTap creators. Peruse the collection of lessons created by TinyTap Trusted Teachers for the highest grade educational content.


  • Flip your classroom and let students learn by teaching! Instead of assigning them a game to play, assign them a game to create! Just prepare a brief call-to-action (for example, instead of preparing a complete lesson on sea creatures, have your students create a presentation with TinyTap). 


  • Refer friends and colleagues – each new user who uses your referral link to sign up awards both of you one free Insight account for a year!


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