TinyTap turns kids into iPad Artists with newly launched drawing tool

TinyTap, an iPad based application which lets you create educational games for kids, launches a new tool to develop coordination and creativity.
TinyTap, a newly launched iPad app that turns moments into games, has just released TinyTap Artist a tool which puts the power of doodling in the tap of a child’s fingertips. Artist puts a conveniently designed drawing tool with everything from paint brushes to pencils in a child’s hands. The rest, is up to them.
This drawing tool is the perfect outlet for a child’s creativity giving them the chance to bring their imaginations to life. This is a simple way for children to create unique drawings which can then be incorporated in a TinyTap game. With Artist it’s now possible to draw your own games.
Parents and teachers can use Artist to teach children the alphabet or numbers or simply to tell great stories. TinyTap Artist helps develop a child’s coordination, fine motor skills and hones creativity. It’s also a great way to encourage self-expression and to develop a child’s self-confidence. And who knows with enough practice a child might become the next iPad artist.
“There’s a story behind every doodle your child draws, from his family, a space cowboy to something completely personal. We designed TinyTap Artist to help you bring those stories to life by turning them into your own family games,” said Yogev Shelly, TinyTap Co-founder.
TinyTap gives children a unique and very authentic experience. Sophisticated technology will give a child the feeling that they’re working with real drawing tools. Everything from the chalk to the paint brushes are realistic and require only a tap to use. Artist also allows a child to trace an image turning it into a unique masterpiece while also developing coordination.




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