TinyTap will keep your kids out of mischief this summer holiday

TinyTap, the game creator which lets anyone create educational kids games, is here to keep kids out of mischief this summer.

Finding activities to keep your kids stimulated and engaged over the summer can be a real challenge. This summer holiday TinyTap is offering a series of fun activities that will not only develop your little one’s creativity but will keep them out of mischief.
TinyTap lets your kids become the game creators. Think of it like a kind of modelling clay for the modern child. TinyTap is a free iPhone/iPad app which lets kids create their own educational games in minutes. Games are very simple and intuitive to make. The TinyTap platform is designed to be 100% child friendly and can be used without any adult supervision.
This summer your little ones are invited to take part in the TinyTap #GoCreate Challenge, launched in time for the summer holidays. This is a weekly challenge which calls on kids to create TinyTap games on a specific theme and the best game wins a prize.
One week it could be a call to create games which showcase the suitcase you’d pack for your summer vacation and the next an open-ended challenge like “During the summer vacation I love going to …”. The challenge kicks off with a call to create games which “Show us what’s special about where you live”.TinyGame_news1-640x586 These weekly challenges are more than simply game ideas. “We like to think of them as weekly assignments similar to those teachers might give students during the school term. The only difference is that these are the kind of assignments your kids are going to love doing because they’re fun and the perfect outlet for creativity,” says Yogev Shelly, TinyTap CEO.
Enroll your child in TinyTap’s #GoCreate Challenge by simply opening the TinyTap app and logging in. There you’ll see the Challenge for that week and be sure to refer to the TinyTap blog to keep updated as the challenge progresses. Give your kids the opportunity to experience a summer with a difference.

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