TinyTap’s #GoCreate Challenge

TinyTap Summer Challenge - create kids game

Summer holidays can quickly become a living nightmare. It’s that perfect combination of sugary treats and sun-filled wild abandonment which makes even the cutest kids unbearably hard to handle.


This year, we invite you to kick back, while we keep your kids too busy to even think about mischief making. We recently launched the TinyTap #GoCreate Challenge, so all your kids will be making this summer are creative games.


In our #GoCreate Challenge, we call on your kids to create their own TinyTap games on a specific theme every other week. Think of it as an assignment similar to one teachers would give during the school term. Except that these are assignments your kids won’t be able to get enough of. And there’s even a prize for the best game.


Enroll your kids in the TinyTap #GoCreate Challenge today by simply logging into the app and be sure to add #GoCreate to the app description to participate. This week’s #GoCreate Challenge is: What’s special about where you live?


Get inspired with this week’s #GoCreate game created by Eddy, the TinyTap Teddy. 

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Have fun and #GoCreate!

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