Top 3 games of the week

If you haven’t discovered the TinyTap Social Market yet now is the time! Our community is filling up with more great educational content daily. It’s the perfect source of inspiration as well a resource on everything from basic mathematics to learning languages.


The TinyTap Social Market is us building the world’s largest resource for educational kids content. So feel free to browse and, of course, upload any games you create! That’s what the community is all about after all.


To give you a taste of what makes the TinyTap Social Market so powerful, we’ll be showcasing the Top 3 games of the week weekly.

This week’s top 3 games


1. Learning the 8 times table

A game created by a class which takes all the tedium out of learning times tables. See how fun learning the 8 times table can be.
Get the game here.


2. Un Dia En El Espacio 

Discover what a day in the life of an astronaut is like in this game (in Spanish). Hand drawn using an iPad app. You too could draw your own games using the TinyTap Artist, an in-app drawing tool. 


Get the game here.


3. Komparativer

This game, in Danish, is the perfect way to teach your little ones about comparisons and to develop visual perception.
Get the game here.


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