Using TinyTap in the classroom

TinyTap is a child-friendly addition to the classroom. This means that you don’t need Facebook to use TinyTap, to share content or to access any of the educational content freely available on the TinyTap Social Market.


The only time you’ll need a Facebook profile is if you want to publish a new game which you created on the TinyTap Social Market. A Facebook-independent login will be introduced in the coming days.

As a teacher, you can easily get around this in the meantime.

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The important thing to understand is that your students don’t need Facebook accounts!

We’ve compiled some tips for how you can make the most of the TinyTap Social Market as well as the sharing features without compromising on any child-friendliness.


1. Accessing the TinyTap Social Market

Everyone has access to the TinyTap Social Market. You don’t need to login simply click Market on the top shelf (see screenshot below).

The TinyTap Social Market gives your students access to all the free quality educational content created by other members of the community. Students then have the option to download and play games.

2. Searching the TinyTap Social Market

There are two ways to make use of the Social Market as a teacher. You can get your students to search for your profile (see screenshot below). They will then see any games you have created and will have the option download and play.

This means you can easily digitize and share lessons with your students. You can also share the games created by your class using your profile. You can make these games public or private if you don’t want other members of the community to have access to them. Private games can be shared with specific users via a link.

If you want your students to work on a specific skill or are looking for a particular game you can get your students to search for it. For example, we did a search for ‘learn’. Take a look at all the quality games we got (screenshot below).

3. Publishing content

We recently launched a Facebook-independent way to login and publish content. This means that your students can now publish their games even if Facebook isn’t allowed at their school.


All that’s needed is an email address and password. You can create one email address and password for your entire class. That way your students won’t actually have to access email to publish their content. See screenshots below for more on how to login and create a profile using an email address.

Email login

Create profile

By publishing your games on the Social Market you’re not just making them available to the TinyTap community. You’re also backing your game up on the TinyTap cloud. This means that it’s no biggie if a student accidentally deletes one of your class’ games. A backup copy will be found in the market and can easily be downloaded on other devices.


4. Privacy

TinyTap Social Market allows for full control of your games privacy. Each game can be shared as Public or Private. Public games will appear on your profile and on TinyTap Social Market, Private games will only be visible to you on your profile, you can still share a link via email, facebook or twitter to privately share your games.

How to set a TinyTap game to private or public when sharing a new game

How to set a TinyTap game to private or public when sharing a new game


How to change a TinyTap game from private to public

How to change a TinyTap game from private to public

TinyTap is designed for kids by kids. Well, we like to think we’re kids at heart and always will be.

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