Create Personalized Video Activities on TinyTap

Introducing an Easy Way to Add Your Own Videos to TinyTap



Adding videos to your activities is an excellent way to explain difficult concepts, and engage students.


You can now add your own videos directly from your device, Dropbox, Google Drive, or record a video on TinyTap with the camera on your iPad.


To add a visual explanation, catchy introduction, or fun song, you can browse the enormous trove of content on YouTube and add videos to your slides. And now, you can add a level of personalization to your activities by adding your own videos.


Here’s how videos can enhance your lessons:


  • Interactive Explanations: Add a more thorough explanation of a concept with a video explanation that introduces the topic and clarifies a topic in a visual way. 

You can assess understanding by introducing subjects in videos you create, and then measure student understanding by adding slides that follow, which ask students to identify the correct information through interactive activities.


  • Personalization: Include a personal introduction for activities, or get students involved by using a video you have taken of class events.


  • Teach remotely: You can now record video directly to your TinyTap activity. Educators can add clips of class exercises so parents can continue practising with their children at home. For example, for speech therapy lessons a teacher can record a clip practising with her student and add the video to a game. This enables the child’s parent to see how they are working with their teacher and learn together at home.  


  • Student Assessment: Students can add video explanations to their classwork and presentations, showing teachers how they arrived to conclusions.


You can add your own clips that are up to 1 minute and 30 seconds in length, and trim your clips to only show the components you want. Add videos by either uploading them from your device, or recording them directly into your TinyTap activity.


Videos that you film or are uploaded directly from your device can be played without a Wi-Fi connection, meaning students can learn and play your TinyTap activities anywhere.


Add Video From the Photo Album on Your Device:



Film Your Own Video on TinyTap:


To learn more about adding videos to your TinyTap activities, watch our video tutorial.


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