Weekly Creation Theme: Summer Reading

Summer Reading

This week, create a TinyTap game about “Summer Reading.” Students can prepare interactive book reports or compose e-book sequels, and their teachers can create quizzes about the assigned books (like this one about The Paper Bag Princess, for example) or even a survey to see which book their students liked best.


Pro tip for students: get a group of friends together to collaborate on the book report and record different voices for each character!


Pro tip for teachers: use TinyTap Insights to assess your students’ reading comprehension or view the results of your favorite book questionnaire.


Be sure to save your game publicly and write the theme #summerreading in the game description or title so that the rest of the TinyTap community can play and get inspired by your creation!


The theme “Summer Reading” is part of TinyTap’s weekly series featuring designated topics.