Why should you care about the TinyTap Community?

Because I know a 6 year old who cares! Let me explain. As the TinyTap e-learning consultant, my 6 year old step-daughter thinks I have one of those jobs that makes her spa-savvy, Ken-doting Barbie wish she worked for once in her life.


“Your work is making games?!” she asked me one weekend with wide-eyed wonderment. I started to correct her and then stopped mid-sentence.


We don’t exactly spend our days making games here. But that is what’s at the heart of TinyTap. With TinyTap anyone can create a game with a few taps. You could be a parent who wants to teach your child to tell time; a teacher looking to reinforce a lesson on algebra or maybe, like my step-daughter, a curious 6 year old who just wants to play.


If you’ve ever taken your kids to the playground you’ll understand why to my 6 year old step-daughter this is simply the most magical thing. Playgrounds are collaborative spaces where there’s always someone to play with and learn from. They’re spaces where laughter and new ideas are one hide and seek away.

TinyTap Community

I like to think of the TinyTap Social Market as one big playground. The TinyTap Social Market is your space to create and play. There you’ll discover content created by other parents, teachers and even kids. You can download games created by others and even add your own games for others to enjoy.


I can’t think of a 6 year old who would need convincing. After all a playground filled with an ever growing selection of games is every child’s dream. Now here’s why you should care:


The TinyTap Social Market is:


1.The biggest and most comprehensive resource for kids content:

It doesn’t matter what you want to teach your kids be it a new language or a grammatical concept, you’re likely to find a TinyTap game on it. There’s nothing else like this online.


2. Teach kids anything:

The TinyTap Social Market makes it possible to teach kids anything. If you’re struggling to come up with creative ways to teach something, someone else probably already has some good ideas. That’s where the TinyTap Social Market comes in.


3. Your chance to build the biggest open-source kids encyclopedia:

The TinyTap Social Market is your chance to be part of a unique open-source knowledge base. All games can be downloaded, played and you can even edited.


See you around the TinyTap Social Market!

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