Play To Win: Introducing TinyTap’s Challenge Mode

Play to win

Games are fun and all … but isn’t anyone keeping score?! TinyTap’s Challenge Mode gives a competitive edge to your favorite games and quizzes with leaderboards, time limits, and lives.


Play to improve your score. Play to beat your friend. Play to master the material. Play to win.


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What kind of games can you create with the Challenge Mode?


Trivia – Stump friends and family with DIY trivia contests about … well, any subject you choose! Invite your Facebook following to take your challenge and see if it goes viral (or just prove that you’re the smartest sibling, after all)!

Class Quiz – Create timed quizzes with scores and winners. Suitable for both take-home tests and class-wide game shows.


Homework – Send your students home with a fun, interactive way to review the class lesson. Let them play your game over and over until they get the right answers down pat.


Study Prep – Replace those tattered 3×5 index cards with a more exciting way to drill in the material. Step one: create a quick game out of content you need to learn. Step two: play the game. Step three: repeat until you master it. Step four (optional): share link with your study buddy if you’re feeling generous! Especially helpful for vocabulary, geography, and math concepts.


Enable Challenge Mode


Tap the trophy to activate Challenge Mode on your TinyTap game. Set a time limit on each question or the entire game and give your players a finite number of lives.




Pass along the challenge


Invite friends and family to play your games. Watch them climb the charts and see if they can beat your score!


Pro tips for creating a TinyTap game with Challenge Mode


Use images from the brand-spanking-new “Quiz Show” sticker pack to set the stage and help get your players’ head in the game. 

Quiz Show sticker pack

Shuffle your slides and/or questions so that they won’t appear in the same order each time players take a whack at your quiz. This way it will take smarts – not memorization – to master your game. 



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What are you waiting for? Create your trivia game or classroom quiz with TinyTap!

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