Play To Win: Introducing TinyTap’s Challenge Mode

Play to win

Games are fun and all … but isn’t anyone keeping score?! TinyTap’s Challenge Mode gives a competitive edge to your favorite games and quizzes with leaderboards, time limits, and lives.   Play to improve your score. Play to beat your friend. Play to master the material. Play to win.   What kind of games can you create with the Challenge Mode?   Trivia – Stump friends and family with DIY trivia contests about … well, any subject you choose! Invite your … Read More

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4 Amazing Teachers to Follow on TinyTap

It is amazing to see teachers use the power of technology to supplement their students’ learning, especially when it’s through the use of TinyTap!   TinyTap’s user-friendly creation platform and sharing tools allow teachers to create personalized activities tailored to a specific lesson and/or learning needs of a child, and even encourage students to design a lesson-based game themselves.   From simple math to understanding the concept of “standing in line”, here are four educators that have showed us just how … Read More

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How to Sell Your TinyTap Game on iTunes

After many requests, we have decided to write a post about selling an app on iTunes and the TinyTap Market.   This is one of the most exciting and unique things about TinyTap – people can not only create games, they can sell them as apps on the App Store. So great, you created a game on TinyTap and you want the whole world to play it, now what?   Make a sell request! Here’s How:   Step 1: Share … Read More

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