How to Sell Your TinyTap Game on iTunes

After many requests, we have decided to write a post about selling an app on iTunes and the TinyTap Market.


This is one of the most exciting and unique things about TinyTap – people can not only create games, they can sell them as apps on the App Store.

So great, you created a game on TinyTap and you want the whole world to play it, now what?


Make a sell request! Here’s How:


Step 1: Share your game

After you’ve finished creating a game, it will appear on your TinyTap dashboard. Go to the top right corner of the screen, write a name and description for your game, choose a category and age range and tap on ‘Share’.  


And don’t forget to set that blue little ‘Public’ switch to ON! This will make your game available in the TinyTap community for others to discover and play!


Photo Dec 04, 2 08 54 PM


Step 2: Scroll down and send us a sell request

Great! Your game is live! Now scroll down to the bottom of the window and tap on ‘Sell your game’

Photo Dec 04, 2 09 31 PM Photo Dec 04, 2 09 44 PM


Step 3: Submit your game for sale

Tap on ‘Submit for Sell’ and Voila! Your request is on its way to us and we will answer as soon as we can!

Photo Dec 04, 2 09 57 PM Photo Dec 04, 2 10 04 PM


Super easy, right? 

We get a lot of game sell requests everyday, so please be patient!
We usually reply within 24 hours, but if we don’t, don’t worry! We haven’t forgotten you and will answer as soon as we can!

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