4 Amazing Teachers to Follow on TinyTap

It is amazing to see teachers use the power of technology to supplement their students’ learning, especially when it’s through the use of TinyTap!  

TinyTap’s user-friendly creation platform and sharing tools allow teachers to create personalized activities tailored to a specific lesson and/or learning needs of a child, and even encourage students to design a lesson-based game themselves.

Teachers on TinyTap


From simple math to understanding the concept of “standing in line”, here are four educators that have showed us just how helpful TinyTap can be when it comes to teaching!


Ellen Weber

A pediatric speech pathologist working with a variety of children with special needs, Ellen’s collection of games address fundamental aspects of daily life that are valuable for a wide range of children. With over twenty games, she focuses on social skills, behavior management, classroom etiquette, and verbal/language skills. What we love about her creations is that many of them apply to children both with and without special needs, such as her lesson centered on “Winning and Losing.” This comprehensible, well-structured lesson can not only be used with older children with special needs but also with three to six year olds (who are still in an “egocentric” stage of development).




Nicole Perlinot

A retired kindergarten teacher from France, Nicole Perlinot will charm your heart and mind with her wonderful learning games. Through her utilization of delightful imagery and characters, it is easy to become immersed in her whimsical creations on travel, holidays, food groups, and other concepts. We especially love her three-part story on a young girl named Nicole, who travels around the world and introduces viewers to her friends and their special cultures. Not only is the trilogy quite entertaining and informative, Perlinot’s handmade collages are sure to enchant!




Krystal Wiggins

Krystal is another teacher on TinyTap that we would like to express our gratitude towards for sharing with us her fantastic creations. Her lessons, which focus on the different facets of sentence structure and simple geometry concepts, are particularly special in that her own students are the star narrators and creators of the games! Krystal and her students are a perfect example of how teachers can employ the tools on TinyTap to develop children’s instruction and production skills and engage them even further in a topic.




Mariela Triana

Last but not least we have Mariela, a Spanish teacher from a prestigious school in Maryland who has presented us with over fifteen diverse and inventive lessons in Spanish. Although learning a new language can be challenging, Mariela’s lessons are intelligible and vibrant, and truly exemplify her proficiency in pedagogy. Whether you want to learn how to describe weather, family members, colors, or physical characteristics, Mariela is sure to have the lesson to help jumpstart your Spanish learning. 




Together, these educators and many others are building TinyTap as a place where you can play and learn about anything, be it shapes, colors, the solar system or the human body. 

So, TinyTap educators everywhere, keep on creating! We look forward to learning something new everyday!



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