Introducing Math Lingo: Become fluent in Math

Meet Math Lingo, our new app focused primarily on learning math, as a language. With 1,000s of illustrated and interactive games, Math Lingo encourages kids to become native speakers of Math.

Math as a language.

From the basic grammar of counting to the advanced vocabulary of geometry, Math is in fact a universal language. And just like any language, it’s easier to grasp the younger you begin learning it. 

Math Lingo’s curriculum is the first for ages 2+

One of the advantages of being introduced to math at a young age is building an instinct for it and not falling behind, later on. Math Lingo’s Learning Plan is available from the age of 2, providing activities to help children construct a solid foundation for success in math at school.

Sesame Street and Oxford University have joined.

Oxford University Press, Sesame Street, Miss Humblebee, and more, lead your child step-by-step, through the curriculum, in learning to count, compare, contrast, and start sorting things by color, shape, size, and purpose.

Math Lingo teaches in a way that kids can comprehend.

Every game uses illustrations that children can relate to and provides audible instructions, hints, and feedback from real teachers. When Math is humanized through real-life scenarios and visuals that interest children, it helps them identify math in their everyday lives, turning it into a no-brainer.

Available on iOS and Android.

Math Lingo is available for download on any iOS or Android device. It also has a 7-day trial to try the app for free.

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