Introducing: TinyTap Smart Play

Give less thought to learning more:

Choose your starting point and let TinyTap personalize a playlist just for you.


TinyTap Smart Play

With tens of thousands of educational activities created in 30+ languages by teachers from around the world, TinyTap’s Market is the place to learn about anything! … But finding the games that best suit you can be overwhelming! Enter: Smart Play.


Choose any game as your starting point, and TinyTap will automagically play next best game for you! Smart Play is your personal guide to the highest-ranking games for your language, category, and age range of choice.


If you signal that a given game isn’t holding your interest, Smart Play will advance to the next relevant game, providing a fluid play experience with non-stop content. Note that Smart Play is set to “on” by default every time you open TinyTap, but players can use the toggle if they wish to disable Smart Play.



When is Smart Play the right setting for you:

  • Teachers: you want to reinforce a certain topic and have TinyTap find the best games for each individual student in your class
  • Students: you’re itching to master a new subject and want to blaze through all relevant games
  • Parents: you want your kids to be both entertained and learning independently

 See what games Smart Play suggests for you!


Smart Play