How to create Matching games on TinyTap

Matching Game


Matching games teach children how to recognize commonalities among objects and identify patterns, both important exercises for building organizational skills. In math class, they encourage children to consider different expressions of the same concept (for example, 2+2 and 3+1 both equal 4) and when applied in a language class, matching games offer a fun format for reviewing vocabulary.


While traditional matching games might conjure up images of crisscrossed worksheets or a worn stack of playing cards, connecting two parts of a pair by tapping and dragging on a screen is actually more intuitive for today’s youth.


On TinyTap, teachers can make matching games to correspond with any and every lesson, and students can even make their own matching games to rehearse the material. Scroll down to play a demo matching game and read a few tips for creating your own.


Sample TinyTap Matching Game

Pro-Tips for making a matching game on TinyTap


Identical Puzzle Pieces

Trace puzzle pieces identical in shape and size so that players won’t be able to simply guess the matches according to their fit. Double-tap on the first piece you cut out to get the same shape ready to be moved over the next area you wish to cut out. 


Add A Word Bank To Your Page Layout

When designing they layout of your matching page, it’s best to keep an empty section so that you can position your puzzle pieces in a way that won’t obscure the grooves. Compare the following two slides: the puzzle pieces in the first page are arranged in a way that blocks the grooves, making it difficult to solve. The second page has a blank upper-right corner, designed with the scattered puzzle pieces in mind.

No Word Bank

Word Bank


Shuffle Your Pages

Shuffle your pages so that they won’t appear in the same order each time players attempt your game. This will help them learn the material, not just memorize its order.


Matching games are great for rehearsing colors and shapes, language learning, assessment activities, and more. Make your own matching game on TinyTap and type #MatchingGame in the description!